Monday, July 30, 2012

Episode 2: Masterpenis Theater

In this very special presentation of 3 Drunk Geeks, we welcome Designated Dan on the program to fill in for Neil, who has been stuck in Bradley International Airport for nearly a week, subsisting only on crackers from the food court and earning a meager wage gathering carts. 

Together the two-and-a-half Drunk Geeks chat about chicken that’s straight-as-hell, drinks that will probably kill you, and the aching desirability of light-up lightsaber chopsticks.  We reveal a strange new future that has far more Hobbits and Turtles and far fewer Morrisons and Liefelds.  Also, Nicholas mispronounces ‘documentary’ in an embarrassing and somewhat homoerotic way, James’s choice in pies is ruthlessly ridiculed, and Dan drinks water.

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