Thursday, August 28, 2014


The 3 Drunk Geeks are back with another drunken podcast, and this time... things are getting steamy in the studio.  

In this episode:

- Organized religion disproves of Cersei Lannister's boobs.
- We learn that "Selfies" taken by monkeys cannot be copyrighted
- Piracy on the internet seas may have killed Kick-Ass
- Comic fans freak out over Spider-Woman's butt


Also, James, Neil, and Grover discuss the cultural significance of the pornography industry, and dream of owning their very own pirate ship.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


In this week's jammed packed podcast, the shenanigans just keep coming as The 3 Drunk Geeks are joined by Joshua Silverman of Constantly Calibrating! Even though he doesn't drink often, we were happy to have him in the studio to tell us all about his awesome network of podcasts and nerd news coverage. Not to mention...
  • Norman Reedus fever has struck Silent Hill!
  • Shady Minecraft Convention swindles poor fools out of their money!
  • Marvel movies may be heading in an INHUMAN direction!
  • Man VS Bee! (Spoiler... bees are winning)
  • Ritz Crackers hops aboard the bacon train in our Snaxsploitation!
  • And a very special remembrance of Robin Williams.
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Cheers and Enjoy!

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Friday, August 8, 2014


WE ARE THE PODCAST GOTHAM DESERVES!  Join the 3 Drunk Geeks once again as we take you through an audio journey filled to the brim with both vengeance and the night.  In this episode, we:

  • Watch in awe as Marvel and LEGO smash the patriarchy!
  • Cry into our waifu pillows as we ponder the possible dismantlement of Studio Ghibli!
  • Salivate over America's unhealthiest meal!
  • Chow down on the most fantastical potato chips of all!  And... 
  • Do battle with the most dangerous villain of them all: 100 chickens!
All this and a very special guest star: Wink Martindale! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

3 Drunk Geeks 2 Year Anniversary!

Did you miss our FIRST EVER LIVE STREAM?!?!

Don’t worry! We uploaded it to YouTube!

In an effort to break into the world of internet video, The 3 Drunk Geeks celebrate 2 Years of Podcasting with a special live streaming celebration and remembrance of the last 2 drunken years.

While we are normally very current event/segment oriented with our audio podcasts, James, Neil, and Grover instead take this special opportunity to thank the fans that have supported them and talk about how their zany antics became a podcast that is listened to by geeks all over.

Be sure to check out this first (of many more to come) live vidcast, and join us as we look back on how we got started, and how we got to where we are today.

Also, be sure and watch to learn how you can enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate to and a 3 Drunk Geeks Swag Bag!

Thank you for letting us entertain you for the last 2 years!

Here’s to many more to come!