Monday, June 24, 2013

12-Pack: Priceless Bullshit

In this episode of the 12-Pack:

  • Tony Stark returns and Ryan Reynolds gets decapitated in this week's Casting Roundup.
  • No jackpot for Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • BioShock's Kevin Levine is going for a run... Logan's Run.
  • A few Star Wars-y changes at Disney World are coming.
  • Star Wars: Saved by the Bell
  • A Game of Consoles
  • The FBI has authority to use drones to surveil on US soil.  
  • Meet the Taranis
  • Instagram gets Video
  • We now have a new way to vanquish the naked mole rat... WITH CANCER
  • Your ice cream might soon be flavored by Moby Dick.
  • Commander Dave Crunch.  

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