Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 34: "Manfredo"

Hey there all you crafty nerds! Be sure and check out our newest episode of The 3 Drunk Geeks as we introduce a new segment on the show, entitled "Getting Crafty with Jen" Every few months, Jen and her husband, Matt will be bringing us new geeky crafts to share with our listeners and teach you how to do it! This episode we cover "Nerd Noms" (recipes inspired by Geek Fiction) After you check out the interview,  be sure and check out Jen's "Noms" featured below. Beyond the noms, alcohol is consumed, glasses are broken, and crackers are scrutinized. All this and more on the newest episode of "The 3 Drunk Geeks"

Romulan Ale (Super Booze) - Star Trek


Jumbo Romulan Mollusks (Seared scallops with bacon and dill) - Star Trek


Breen (Swedish Meatballs) - Babylon 5


Sheppard's Pie - Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone 


Fish Fingers and Custard (Cookies and Pudding) - Doctor Who


Ice Planet (Ice cream balls) - Firefly 


Click on the pictures below to view the recipes!

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