Friday, November 22, 2013

12 PACK: "Meatvision"

The 3 Drunk Geeks have done it again with another 12 PACK! Get the nerd news you need to know in easy to swallow podcast format! Now on iTunes and Stitcher radio!

In this week's 12 Pack: 

-Cobie Smulders will be in Avengers 2
- News on the upcoming SLC Punk sequel
- Cleveland Brown is returning to Quahog and being replaced with another steaming pile of Mcfarlane.
-Tales From The Darkside might be getting a resurrection!
-Inconceivable! They're making a "Princess Bride" musical!
-Get yourself a healing factor!
-Invisibility cloaks are now a thing.
-Batman goes to jail!

All this and more on 12 PACK: MEATVISION!

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