Tuesday, February 11, 2014

12 PACK: Fortune Cookie Death Threats

Keep up with the NERD NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW with THE 12 PACK!

In this episode:

  • Paul Bettany as The Vision, rumors suggesting that Ms. Marvel may be on her way, and AMC's Preacher finally has some names attached. All this and more in our CASTING ROUNDUP!
  • We divulge our thoughts on "Lexenburg"
  • Move over Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone... Make way for the ExpendaBELLES!
  • American Gods may still be coming to TV according to Neil Gaiman himself
  •  House of Cards renewed for 3RD season!
  • Amazon is getting into the video game industry!
  • Call of Duty gets a new developer
  • Sad Broncos fans turn to porn after Super Bowl
  •  Scientists discover GIANT Jellyfish!
  • Bringing back the classic forms of execution

Plus, stay tuned after our final story for our thoughts on The Winter Olympics and our RECAP of Amazing Arizona Comicon!

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