Thursday, July 10, 2014

Neckbeards In The Mist

Fill your glasses and put in your ear buds because The 3 Drunk Geeks have a lot to talk about! Join us now on this audio safari as we discuss a wide variety of geeky goodness such as: our thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal, the deets on Clerks 3 and whether Kevin Smith has more to do with Batman Vs Superman than previously thought, AND Game of Thrones themed wine. 

Not to mention a major villain coming to The Walking Dead, and the fact that The Amell family is slowly taking over The CW.

PLUS... The Gay Handkerchief Color Code and dissection of the controversial article, "How to Get Laid at Anime Conventions" 

All this and more on...

"Neckbeards In The Mist"!

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